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Family Shelter Resources

Key Contact Information

DPH Shelter Assistance:


Non-urgent issues:

Urgent issues - duty officer: 617-339-8351


Contacts for Regional Response Teams (RRTs) for Patient Needs at Shelters

EOHHS provided contacts for each region of the state when you have patients in need of food/nutrition, pack n’ plays/car seats, transportation or other needs. 

These are usually at locations where this is no service provider in place to assist patients with needs.  In these cases, you may reach out by email to the following inboxes. 

Central region:

Metro West:  (this includes Boston)



Region 5:


For URGENT needs or if you do not receive a timely response, please contact Tyler Newhall at: or (617) 894-8273


MassHealth Patient Transportation Issues

For challenges with MassHealth (PT1) Transportation issues, please contact Tomaso Calicchio at

HMCC Contact Information

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